How I started blogging

Have you been thinking of starting a blog? Then you probably know that it can look like a huge and frightening task…

I have thought about starting one several times in the past.

I then asked myself a lot of questions and got overwhelmed by the answers I found by myself or using google:

  • How to name my blog?
  • Which blogging platform to use?
  • As a IT professional, should I install and setup my baby manually?
  • What to blog about?
  • What language to blog in (with German, English and Spanish to choose from in my case)?
  • Do I have anything to add to the internet? So much stuff already out there….
  • Who am I, to <fill in the blank>?

If you have an introvert tendency like me all these unknowns can give you the excuses you need to NOT get started at all.

Luckily I stumbled over John Sonmez SimpleProgrammer-website and Youtube-channel. After consuming a lot of his free content he is putting out there I finally tried his blog-course and I am glad I did! He managed to simplify the task at hand and use his psychology skills to destroy all your excuses one after another so you can’t help but get that thing up and running!

The fact that you are reading this is the proof! 🙂